MIT Lincoln Lab

Colibri – I3C

Designed and built a new configuration of multirotor with another intern, which we termed “Colibri”, in one week for the Intern Innovative Idea Challenge

Community Outreach Report

I was involved with two STEM outreach programs at Lincoln Lab, including LLRISE (page 5) and MassJam (page 13).

Carnegie Mellon University

Sound Camera

Built as part of my Capstone project, along with Ryan Oh and Sarah Park, this uses 96 MEMS microphones to form images based on the angle of arrival of sounds.

Project Blog
Final Presentation

Carnegie Mellon Rocket Command 2018

I was part of CMRC in 2018, and built avionics for data collection and processing.


Born out of a class project, In-Sight was a student research project to create a device for blind navigation, pursued by Alex Baikovitz, Zachary Sussman, and I.  We presented our device at CHI in Glasgow in May 2019.

Iowa State University

ISU RMC 2017

Photos from the 2017 NASA Robotic Mining Competition

ISU Robotics Club SCORBOT

As part of the ISU Robotics club, I built a new controller to replace the broken one that came with the SCORBOT arm donated to the club.  It has full forward and inverse kinematic, and python scripting support.

ISU Band Lightshow

Designed, built, and programmed a set of remotely controlled lights, mounted to each of the snare drums for the Band Extravaganza in two days during my first semester at ISU.