Work Experience


Designed, built, and tested DAQ avionics for the Peregrine sounding rocket.

August-December 2016

May – August 2017

Tested, debugged, and coordinated installation of launch pad command and control equipment.

August – December 2017

MURMUR radar system, which I'd worked on in 2018 and designed the mechanical system for in 2019

Designed and prototyped: novel methods of perching for large drones, a new, cheaper version of the LLRISE radar system, a new configuration of multirotor, and ruggedized, field-ready versions of sensor systems.

May – December 2018

May – August 2019

Solved assorted electronics related problems for students and faculty members. 

Troubleshoot lab equipment issues and performed assembly and repairs as needed

November 2015 – August 2016

January – May 2017

Test models of the controller (left) and power management board (right)

Developed a system for measuring resistivity of metals exposed to simulated space conditions

May – August 2016

January – May 2017