Iowa State University - Robotic Mining Competition

This was a club I was in back in 2016 and 2017 at Iowa State.  These are a twin pair of mining robots entered in the NASA robotic mining competition.  I was responsible for all the PCB design, wiring harnesses, and software for the power management system. 
  • Zynq 7020 based system
    • White box on left side of the rear of the robot
    • Controls all motor drivers
    • Receives all sensor inputs
    • Communicates with base station for remote control
  • Power management system: Smart Management Of Robot Energy (S.M.O.R.E.)
    • Monitors and controls power for all motors, sensors, and the main controller
    • Manages startup, shutdown, and emergency stop
    • Prevents damage from inrush current
    • Supercapacitor backup to allow graceful shutdown when power is cut
    • Black, brown and white box (sort of resembles a s’more) on the right side of the robot
Front (left) and Back (right) views of the 2017 RMC robots. The Control and Power boxes are visible on the back of the right robot.
Test models of the controller (left) and power management board (right)
Main control board (left) and Power Management board (S.M.O.R.E.) (right) prototypes
partway through assembly of the final controllers and power management boxes
Final versions of the main controller and power boards, partially assembled.